Global Vape Alliance

Global Vape Alliance Declaration


Fifteen years ago, the world lacked sufficient progress in tobacco control because , among other reasons, there were no comparable innovations like e-cigarettes at the time. Tobacco-control policies, which were based exclusively on beating addiction by making access to tobacco as prohibitive as possible, were starting to show their limits. In many countries, public health institutions were scrambling to find new ways to beat cigarette use. Meanwhile, early industry entrepreneurs were optimistic and ambitious about what vaping products could do for consumers and wanted to build new products that would help smokers substitute deadly cigarettes for less harmful vapor-based alternatives. From this, an entire industry was born and, in the past 15 years, it has helped millions of people all over the world to quit cigarettes and improve their lives. From the United States to Europe and China, and all over the world, vaping companies share the goal of supporting people in their quest to give up on tar-emitting cigarettes, which will provide huge potential benefits for public health.

Every day, the industry is assisting people in their smoking-cessation efforts and, where possible, supporting public health authorities. Furthermore, it is creating guidelines for responsible advertising and product promotion that protects youth, while constantly seeking ways to reduce its environmental footprint. Balancing easily accessible products for smokers, that are user-friendly and thus make it easier to motivate smokers to switch, with ecological considerations, is challenging to achieve, but we are striving for it every day.

The Global Vape Alliance is a significant stride towards optimizing and expediting these processes. The leaders of vaping industry associations from all over the world are coming together, in order to promote communication and cooperation on best practices , that will better serve their members and consumers. In order to achieve this goal, the Global Vape Alliance will communicate and cooperate on four critical issues: Regulation Compliance, Industry Promotion, Public Health, and Environment Protection

Regulation Compliance

The Alliance places a top priority on regulatory compliance. As such, the Alliance members will share information and strategies for best practices to educate and guide member companies on existing laws, regulations and industry standards. The Alliance will also share and develop strategies to ensure that industry members adopt and implement responsible marketing strategies, avoid packaging or advertisements that could mislead consumers, and condemn product design and marketing practices that target minors. We will also communicate the importance of ensuring that vaping companies not promote or sell vaping products to the underage or people who do not reach the minimal age to legally purchase e-cigarettes.

Industry Promotion

The Alliance will share strategies for the promotion of the healthy development of the global vaping industry, and as a unified voice for the industry, will look to empower their member companies by promoting the sophistication, professionalism, and importance of the industry.

The Alliance will facilitate the communication among stakeholders in the industry, extending friendship and promoting commercial cooperation. It will ensure a sustainable development for the industry by protecting SMEs, championing fair competition and encouraging technological innovation.

Public Health

The Alliance will engage and cooperate on the most important issues affecting public health and the enormous potential that vaping products provide for reducing and eliminating public health risks. We will actively communicate on strategies for publicizing the harm-reduction aspects of e-cigarettes and the importance of encouraging conventional smokers to adopt vaping products to reduce harm.

The Alliance will objectively and openly provide information regarding the impact of vaping products on physical health and urge companies to be open and transparent of the information in the whole industry chain including design, manufacturing, advertisement, marketing and after-sales. All of these actions will fully take into account local regulations.

Environment Protection

We will develop strategies for educating businesses and consumers about the impact on the environment when producing and/or disposing of vaping products.

The Alliance will encourage the products or services that are beneficial to the environment, by recommending the adoption of recycling, reusing, environment-friendly material application, low-carbon design and manufacturing, and anti-plastic waste practices. We will urge industry to strictly abide by the environment laws in relevant countries and regions, and encourage companies to pioneer environment-friendly development through technological innovation, so as to drive a green and sustainable development of the whole vaping industry.

Looking to the future

The Global Vape Alliance is an opportunity, not just for the industry or its consumers at large. The global vaping industry faces various challenges, and improved communication and cooperation will benefit the industry in addressing those challenges more effectively. In addition, the Alliance can also be of great assistance to those organizations in working with and/or engaging with public health systems and regulators on the best ways to end the scourge of smoking. Wherever we are in the world, we, the signatories of this Declaration, will work towards the same objective: a world without cigarettes and smoking.

The Global Vape Alliance aims to establish a roadmap for crafting essential future policies. By addressing the four major pillars, it demonstrates our commitment to making the industry well-prepared for a future featuring safer products tailored specifically for adult ex-smokers, all while adhering to both local and international regulations and prioritizing environmentally-friendly product production. The Declaration is our roadmap to a smoke-free, greener and continued secure future, and the latest milestone in a journey that began 15 years ago.


At its heart, the Declaration shows why we are stronger and can do more good, as an industry, when we come together. With this Declaration, we enter a new stage, where we multiply our efforts globally. Together, for the good of the over one billion people who want to quit smoking.