Global Vape Alliance

The Global Vape Alliance aims to establish a roadmap for crafting essential future policies

Regulation Compliance
The Alliance places a top priority on regulatory compliance.
Industry Promotion
The Alliance will share strategies for the healthy development of the industry.
Public Health
The Alliance will engage and cooperate on the most important issues affecting public health.
Environment Protection
The Alliance will advocate for an environment-friendly strategy for industry development.
By addressing the four major pillars: Regulation Compliance, Industry Promotion, Public Health, Environment Protection, it demonstrates our commitment to making the industry well-prepared for a future featuring safer products tailored specifically for adult ex-smokers. This will happen while adhering to both local and international regulations and prioritizing environmentally-friendly product production. The Declaration is our roadmap to a smoke-free, greener and continued secure future, and the latest milestone in a journey that began 15 years ago.